CHA INSURANCE  We are a Health and Life Insurance Broker with over 65 years of experience.
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Products Offered
1. Health Care
2. Life Insurance
3. Dental
4. Vision
5. Long Term Care
6. Medicare Products

Group Insurance Benefits

Since 1965 Jim Carroll has been licensed to sell and market health and life insurance products. This includes health insurance, dental and vision, life insurance, long term care, and disability to name a few.

Jim’s experience with group health insurance crosses not only the United States, but also the globe with partners from California to South Africa. Jim recently finished serving on the Advisory Board for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. His understanding of the group market encompasses designing PPO networks, how healthcare works in other parts of the world, and how the state laws, rules and regulations affect all of us here in Tennessee.

CHA partners with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, United, Genworth, Colonial Supplemental, North American, Unum, and a multitude of other A rated carriers. We shop your group health, life, dental, vision, disability, long term care, travel insurance, and supplemental benefits. The most comprehensive employee benefit plan is designed at the most affordable rates for both the employer and the employee.

CHA is creative in designing plans that fit YOUR needs! Today’s health care costs, changes in our country’s healthcare system, and your company’s budget are all taken into consideration when we construct a plan specifically for each individual company. ALL employee benefits are offered with any kind of option: health, life, disability, long term care, travel insurance, Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts, as well as education to the employer and to the valuable employees!

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Dental and Vision

CHA offers many choices for your dental and vision needs. Just like your group health insurance, we shop your dental and vision care as well. There are many different insurance companies and many product offerings available within each insurance company.

CHA will analyze dental and vision insurance companies, your individual company needs, and prepare options based on this information. We can also help with finding the most suitable provider network for you and your employees while providing optimal coverage at the most affordable premiums.

Dental care is essential in maintaining a healthy smile as well as early detection of many diseases. Regular checkups every 6 months are covered 100% with most carriers.

Vision care is an important need to almost every employee and his or her family. Like dental care, regular vision exams and related care are integral in the overall health and well being of each individual. Most plans offer a very affordable copay option for yearly exams.

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Long Term Care

Jim Carroll is trained and certified according to the:

 Qualified Long-Term Care Partnerships Under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Center for Medicaid and State Operations

Long Term Care Products offered include both group LTC and individual LTC. Only A rated carriers like Genworth and MedAmerica are represented. Please contact Jim Carroll at 615-360-1125 for a consultation.

Long Term Care - Why buy now?

Are you hearing friends and associates talk about caring for an elderly loved one while trying to work and meet the demands of everyday living? I sure am. We are living in what is called "The Sandwich Generation." The term means that many Baby Boomers are caring for and financially providing for both their children and their own parents. The mental stress and emotional challenges that come along with caring for an elderly parent can be overwhelming. The financial responsibility that comes with the realities of aging are enormous. Many of us think Social Security will take care of us. That is an ostrich in the sand approach that has to be changed.

LTC is an underwritten insured product. That means that health conditions come into play when an LTC provider decides whether or not they will offer coverage on an individual basis. If I wait until I am 55 or 60, the chances that I will qualify for LTC are greatly diminished, and if I do qualify, the premiums could be out of sight

So why should you look into LTC? To take charge of your future by qualifying for a plan while still healthy and while the rates are affordable.

If you are an employer, LTC is available on a group basis as well. This is an affordable benefit and valuable employee retention tool that separates your company from the rest.

Please call my office to explore your options at 615-360-1125

Medicare Products

CHA offers personal, one on one consultation with individuals and their Medicare needs. Proper education, guidance, enrollment assistance, and help with understanding your medical bills after enrollment are all services Jim and Julie provide at no cost to you. Please contact us to set up an appointment

Contact by Phone: (615) 360-1125