CHA INSURANCE  We are a Health and Life Insurance Broker with over 65 years of experience.
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CHA provides an easy to understand apples to apples comparison of each company’s products and costs so that you can make an informed, confident decision. We do this each year at your renewal date.

Let CHA shop the insurance market for you! We will go to the insurance carriers with the information you provide and prepare a comprehensive, apples to apples comparison of benefits and costs. We will also help you understand what your benefits really are, what they mean to the insured, and how to best utilize your plan.

CHA will do this EVERY year upon renewal of your health benefits.

Once we receive your information (please include contact information including phone number and email address) we will have a personalized proposal ready within a week or two.

Please fill out the Employer's Census Form and send it to us to begin the process now. Click Here For the Employer's Form

Long Term Care

Jim and Julie Carroll are trained and certified according to the:

 1. Qualified Long-Term Care Partnerships Under the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
 2. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Center for Medicaid and State Operations

Long Term Care Products offered include both group LTC and individual LTC. Only A rated carriers like Genworth and John Hancock are represented. Please contact Jim Carroll at 615-360-1125 for a consultation.

Long Term Care - Why buy now?

Are you hearing friends and associates talk about caring for an elderly loved one while trying to work and meet the demands of everyday living? I sure am. We are living in what is called "The Sandwich Generation." The term means that many Baby Boomers are caring for and financially providing for both their children and their own parents. The mental stress and emotional challenges that come along with caring for an elderly parent can be overwhelming. The financial responsibility that comes with the realities of aging are enormous. Many of us think Social Security will take care of us. That is an ostrich in the sand approach that has to be changed.

LTC is an underwritten insured product. That means that health conditions come into play when an LTC provider decides whether or not they will offer coverage on an individual basis. If I wait until I am 55 or 60, the chances that I will qualify for LTC are greatly diminished, and if I do qualify, the premiums could be out of sight

So why should you look into LTC? To take charge of your future by qualifying for a plan while still healthy and while the rates are affordable.

If you are an employer, LTC is available on a group basis as well. This is an affordable benefit and valuable employee retention tool that separates your company from the rest.

Please call my office to explore your options at 615-360-1125

Contact by Phone: (615) 360-1125